14 AprMeet our new little sweetie. This is the child that Princess Penelope, her sister Boo and I were matched with to sponsor. Isn’t she sweet?


Little Miss M is 3 years old and attends Mayan Families Pre-school in Chuk Muk. Her mother is very sweet; she helps out in the pre-school classroom everyday. In 2005 the town of Santiago was hit with a terrible mudslide. Hundreds of families lost their homes and family members. Eventually those people were built government housing (nearly 5 years after the mudslide) and they now live in Chuk Muk- where this little girl lives and where the new pre-school is located. The families are in need of a lot of support and so we are gleefully supporting little Miss M so that she can attend school in Guatelmala.

The government in Guatemala does not provide schooling for the children. Everyone must pay to go to school.  Unfortunately, most little girls are not able to attend school if they have brothers and the family can only choose to to send one child to school.  Thank you for your purchases!  I hope that you enjoy them. They support a great cause!

By the way, we will be sending Mayan Families money to buy her new shoes that actually fit!  Those shoes would probably be big for my six year old!  She is sooooo cute!  I just adore her!  I am so happy that she has such a supportive mommy.  If you ever want to send her anything, she is Miss M via Shannon, student #2298.

Thank you!  Christmas donations will be soon due to the transit time.  Save your lovingly used stuffed animals and toys to ship to Guatemala.



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